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This is a free event that provides a forum for discussion about mentoring challenges, opportunities and successes. The Career Mentoring Advantage Program (CMAP) consists of monthly professional development sessions as well as formal mentoring relationships, and gives participants tools for professional growth over the course of one year.Participants build a strong network across the organization as they work with other members of their cohort to share best practices and lessons learned.DOE’s mentoring website contains resources for mentors and protégés.

For more information, please contact the CILPG Mentoring Team at The U. Department of Energy (DOE) has adopted a comprehensive approach to formal and informal mentoring.The Mentoring Program for Non-Supervisory Employees helps to develop a diverse, informed and high performance workforce by providing a framework in which program participants can broaden their knowledge of PBGC, enhance their skills and abilities for personal growth and increase their sense of involvement in PBGC.The Department of Labor (DOL)-ODEP funded a grant to create a Federal Workplace Mentoring Primer.Mentoring is a process that focuses specifically on providing guidance, direction, and career advice.Mentoring programs can be either a standalone program or part of a training and development program within an organization.