Who is smokey robinson dating

Smokey had a lot of friends back in his Detroit days.

He was friends with Aretha Franklin and the Miracles when they were pre-teens.

And that’s what Smokey Robinson did with his best friend, Berry and with the former love of his life, Diana. Flip the page to reminisce with us and see if you think Smokey’s lyrics were all about Diana.

ILOSM family, first we’d like to start this thing off by wishing the legendary actor/comedian/singer/pianist- basically the ‘jack of all trades’ entertainer- Jamie Foxx, a happy birthday.

Robinson's valuable rights." What's more, Claudette Robinson alleges that her ex-husband committed fraud and misrepresentation by failing to disclose his property during the divorce. Although the Robinsons are the first to go to a federal court over this novel issue, they certainly won't be the only ones contending with it.

She says that he didn't even identify such rights as his separate property.

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One of Smokey’s nieces was Diana’s best friend and that’s how they hooked up.The Temptations lived across the avenue.” Okay ILOSM family, we know you’re probably thinking the same thing we were thinking when we first found this out, so let’s address the BIG ELEPHANT in the room: Was Smokey ever jealous when Diana started dating his best friend, Berry Gordy?Although he said he still loves her, he actually didn’t mind at all, partly because he’d been knowing Diana since she was 10 or 11, so their relationship was and still is as strong as ever, and partly because he has major love for Berry and just wanted to see both of his close friends very happy. By the way, Smokey also admitted that he and Berry have always had the exact same taste in women throughout the years.As part of the stipulated judgment, Smokey Robinson was given the right to administer and exploit his songs, but also promised he would "not maliciously or willfully take any action with a view of damaging" his ex-wife's interest.As a result, it's alleged that the singer has breached his fiduciary duty by "willfully taking steps to usurp Ms. Robinson by his concealment of the full scope of his termination rights, recapture rights, and/or rights to sole ownership of the Community Musical Compositions." Somewhere out there, other musicians are either filing termination notices or getting divorces.