Who is naomie harris dating

Luckily for me he was pretty drunk and gave up every bit of detail he had on her.

Before long I had her home address, her parents address, her car registration plate, her hair-stylist address, the studio address where the band rehearse and a list of bars the girls would often go to after a hard day in the studio.

The easiest way to get hold of her would be to get to her when she was home alone in her flat, and this was easy enough to achieve.

All that was needed was a fake delivery driver uniform and a bit of patience.

A live performance from the group would always end with me shooting my load as Frankie and the group put on their sexy dance routines. I don’t know what it was that made me snap, but I had to have Frankie.

I couldn’t resist it any more; the only problem was how to get to her.

This was perfect, and I immediately started thinking of my plan of action.

I figured that there was no way that Frankie would just fall into my arms begging me to fuck her.

Sexual acts should only ever include 2 consenting adults.Frankie had been thrown to the floor with the force of my push and looked up with fear in her eyes. I looked down at her and noticed she hadn’t got changed since getting back from work.I quickly shut the door and got out my chloroform soaked cloth. She had on a tight white vest top over a checked shirt which she had tied to stop just below her tits.I pressed the buzzer for her flat and waited for an answer. So I’d have to be quick in getting in and shutting her up so she didn’t scream the place down.I arrived at her door, took a deep breath and knocked.