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It's like, "You and me, we're clear that this is not sexy. But there's a great quote that says "Fashion is art you can wear." And I think that's exactly what it is.And just to make it more clear, I'm going to make this unsexy." It's more of a sibling relationship with them. So I wear things that inspire me, things that are expressive and full of life."And just about to take off, and I got a text from my manager saying, ‘We got a Season 2.’ So, yeah, it was an exciting plane ride.” Viewers have seen Mirchoff play a heart-stealing teen before on ABC’s .He played Angie’s (Drea de Matteo) son whose romance with Gaby’s (Eva Longoria) niece leads to a cross country chase on Season 6. When Season 5 of the hit MTV series left off, your favorite awk teens had just graduated from Palos Hills High. minus the whole Jenna Hamilton and Matty Mc Kibben preparing for a long-distance relationship thing. Too bad these two aren’t a couple IRL because, OMG, adorable. Whether that’s a good intensity or bad intensity, we’ll always be intense. When the series returns, the characters have finished their freshman year of college and everything has changed. According to Ashley, their characters have a crazy connection that leads her to believe they can kiss and make up… I have hope, because I believe in happy endings.” Fingers crossed these two love birds do end up together. (Exclusive) THR: What can we expect from the Matt-Jenna relationship in the remaining episodes this season? I’ll kind of finally redeem myself, and then something will happen, and it all falls apart.Then, you’re kind of on my side, and then you’re kind of on her side. They’re just really kind of naïve, and they don’t know how to deal with relationships, and communicate, really. He has that feeling of wanting him to be perfect, and his family to be perfect.

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THR spoke to Mirchoff about what we can expect from Matty and Jenna’s romance this season, where he’d like to go with his character in Season 2, and what he has in common with the popular Matty on the MTV hit. “Whether they are in love or out of love, I think that intensity stays there. I think there is always hope,” the 23-year-old actress explained. “These two have a very special bond and it is like a chemical thing almost,” she revealed.THR: Have you been able to speak with creator Lauren Iungerich about Season 2? You know, how we would like to see our characters portrayed, and a bunch of stuff and so I’m sure we’ll be going to do that again.STORY: ' Awkward': Meet Tamara's Mom, ' Romy and Michele's' Julia Campbell, Plus Who's Ricky Schwartz?