Validating scale measurement credibility

Work in advertising research is primarily concerned with measurement of persuasive capacity and explanation of its antecedents.

In this respect, the numerous models which have been developed concentrate on the roles of sender and receiver.

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Classification by observation or by the emotional state report We distinguish here between one approach centred on observation (by a judge) of the emotional reactions of the individual and a second that consists of questioning the nature and intensity of the emotions experienced.

The method of creation and validation follows Churchill’s Paradigm to achieve a scale with 2 distinct constructs and 9 items.

A classification of 10 different ads based on the scale grades illustrates by example the diagnostic value of the instrument.

Numerous studies have indeed tried to characterize the objective informational or emotional content of an ad.

Few however have turned on the way the receiver perceives subjectively the advertiser’s intent to persuade him through either informational or emotional cues.

Validating scale measurement credibility