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However, you can still use this guide to downgrade an i OS 11. X version back to a previous i OS 11 version that's still be signed by Apple. Until that day comes, however, it's actually quite easy to revert to i OS 10.3.3.All you need is a Mac or Windows PC, and the process only takes a few minutes of work, so let's go ahead and get started, shall we? To do that, head to Settings, then tap your name at the top of the list and select "i Cloud." From here, select "Find My i Phone," then make sure to turn off the toggle switch on the following screen.If you're affected by this issue, the best fix appears to be disabling notifications from any apps that use the local settings (turning all notifications off also works).You can try resetting your date to December 1st, but that may cause other problems.So it's your last chance to get the Auto-Brightness setting back to normal or avoid other annoying changes.UPDATE: Apple is no longer signing i OS 10.3.3, so your chance to downgrade back from i OS 11 is no longer an option.i OS 11.1.2 arrived a couple of weeks ago to fix cold weather problems on the i Phone X, and closely followed an update to fix the autocorrect bug that had everyone's letter "i" looking strange.Update: i OS 11.2 is now available to all, and Apple confirms that updating should fix this problem, as well as add a few new features.

According to , the problem seems to be tied to locally generated notifications, as opposed to notifications internet services send to your phone.

So far Apple has not publicly commented on the issue, but posters on the company's support forums and Reddit say that phone reps have informed them i OS 11.2 includes a fix for this issue.

Of course, it's worth noting that this issue is coming on the heels of a nasty security flaw in mac OS that allowed anyone to gain admin access.

But this window of opportunity for downgrading won't last forever.

Now that i OS 11 has gone official, Apple will soon stop signing old firmware versions, meaning you won't be able to roll back unless you've saved your SHSHS2 blobs.