Ultrasound accuracy dating

Most women expect to receive at least one ultrasound during pregnancy.

While the couple expecting a child look forward to the ultrasound as an opportunity to see their baby for the first time and often to learn whether they are having a girl or a boy, the doctor views the ultrasound as an opportunity to ensure that the fetus is healthy and developing properly.

In order to earn the Midwife Sonography Certificate, the certified-midwife must pass both required components in the following order: •Review the "Certification Process" under the "Overview" tab below.

The fee is always fully explained and detailed prior to the start of the treatment.

Consultations Private consultation by appointment (30 min) flexible: £200 We will be happy to arrange an Emergency consultation, or Sunday appointment: £300 Follow-up consultation within one month (15 min) flexible: £180 Repeat prescription within 12 months: £130 Well Woman checks Level 1 health screen: £475 Level 2 health screen: £575 Level 3 health screen: £700 Cervical cancer screen: £160 Ovarian cancer screen: £475 Breast screen consultation: £200 Breast screen consultation ultrasound or Mammography: £400 Mini sexual health screen: £170 Full sexual health screen: £400 Fertility screen: £475 Gynaecology scans Transvaginal scan: £210 Abdominal scan: £210 Obstetric & Gynae ultrasound by Consultant Gynaecologist: £210 We will be happy to arrange an Emergency consultation, or Sunday appointment: £320 Abnormal Smear & Colposcopy Colposcopy: £250 Consultation: £200 (no hidden charges) Cervical biopsy: £230 if necessary Loop Excision (LLETZ) under local anaesthesia including specimen analysis: £990 Fertility Ovulation scan Mini Consultation: £190 Initial full fertility scan (including endometrial thickness): £210 Follow-up endometrial thickness scan: £160 Follicle tracking scan: £160 Follicle tracking cycle (Up to 4 scans): £550 Fertility ovarian reserve scan: £210 Fertility screen ultrasound scan and blood test short consultation: £475 Saline infusion sonography / Aqua scan: £450 Tubal patency test by Hycosy: £450 Pregnancy scans by consultant Pregnancy confirmation scan: £210 Early pregnancy scan for viability and dating: £210 Gender scan from as early as 12 weeks with 99% accuracy: £600 Gender scan after 16 weeks with 100% accuracy: £300 Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT) for Downs screen Harmony Prenatal Test including consultation £200 plus test £500 Panorama Basic Test including consultation £200 plus test £500 () Sexual Health Mini sexual health screen: £180 Full sexual health screen: £400 Cervical smear: £150 HPV test: £130 Herpes swab: £80 Herpes blood test: £80 Diathermy for genital warts – Small: £450; Medium: £650 and Large: £900 Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccination – Gardasil: £200 Family Planning Copper Coil consultation: £200 £160 for coil & fitting Coil removal consultation: £200 £80 if threads are seen Consultation: £200 £160 if threads are not seen (though it may not be possible to retrieve the threads and coil) MIRENA coil insertion: £300 (includes free follow-up after 6 weeks) Termination of pregnancy Gynaecological Surgery Diagnostic Hysteroscopy £1,300 (includes surgery, theatre fee, conscious sedation and pathology fee) Operative Hysteroscopy £1,800 (includes removal of small polyp or adhesions, surgery, theatre fee, local anaesthesia and pathology fee) Removal of difficult coil using hysteroscopy: £800 Hymenectomy: £450 Botox for Vaginismus: from £700, up to £990 Hymen repair under local anaesthesia: £1,800 Vaginoplasty with conscious sedation at The Gynae Centre: £2,500 (includes surgery, theatre fee and follow-up) Bartholins cyst Marsupializtion £900 Bartholins cyst incision: £500 Manual Evacuation of the uterus under local anaesthesia £800 (includes theatre fee and disposables) consultation £200 Laparoscopy and any other gynaecological surgery (e.g.

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