Thunderbird rss feeds stopped updating

Had heard a report on this and I had the same problem immediately after updating to latest version.

I have about 50 live bookmarks on my bookmarks bar and they all stopped working.

But, in year 2006, TB does not download any new RSS items.

After doing this, a few TB startups later fails again. as i said above as far as i can remember i got this bug after i upgraded from to (did not have it before).

They don't load - even manually - they don't show any headlines at all: all empty as if they all died.

hello, do you use any addons that offer or extend functionality of the live bookmarks?

Is there a way to analyze the feeds configuration for corruptions? I too have many feeds, out of them some work perfectly and others don't. first thing i notice is that the circle icon in the top right corner and the bar at the bottom, that shows up when TB is checking for new mails and feeds, would not stop to run.

If we are talking about big folders then I have a big folder which has many feeds and also a sub folder with 2 feeds. The parent folders a couple of feeds work and other don't. after few days then i also noticed that my feed are not updating.