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Stories were sometimes told of soldiers risking their lives on the frontline in search of Parabellum P08 pistols on dead German officers. Any collectors help in manufacture history would be appreciated.In the late 1940s, Switzerland replaced Parabellum P08 pistols with a modern design, finally ending the military service of these pistols. Dad brought this back from WWII long ago.none of us knew...until yesterday. [email protected] have a 30 caliber luger with a 3 inch barrel measuring from tip of barrel to front of reciever.The stamp is a small eagle & swastika with tiny 2 or three digit numbers under the mark. Among his effects was found a DWM Luger(Toggle Marked),holster,and extra clip. it has "dwm" on the top of the anyone tell me when it was made and where. Under the trigger and between the pistol grips it's stamped 2/J. It also has matching parts stamped with 6149 or just 49. I HAVE A OLD 30 CAL GERMAN LUGER I GOT FROM OLD FAMILY MEMBER YEARS AGO. Any information on this weapon would be appreciated.Mauser built WWII military Lugers have the code S/42 stamped on the top of the toggle mechanism. The main serial number is on the frame under the barrel and above the trigger gard, A cursive letter is usually located below the serial number and is part of the gun's production number. The pistol is cromed and also stamped with the years 1920 & 1917 just behind the barrel, on the top. Can anyone tell me what (byf)means it's stamped 1941, all matching numbers, also I picked up a holster for it. UNDER THE BARREL IS STAMPED 2351 AN ON THE LEFT SIDEJUST 51. What was the grain weght of the 9mm's used in WWII and is the overall length of the 147gr 9mm round longer. I just acquired a 1906 Commercial in excellent condition with the Serial Number 29447 and all the internal parts match but the rear toggle link has "09" on it. Being the pistol is in excellent, 98% condition, it should not have been replaced imho. Best regards, Andyfound a WWII Luger SERIAL # 4953 under serial # under barrel small #looks like 77 or 72very small first number is a 7 STAMPED 1936 OTHER NUMBER ARE 53 AND ALSO S/42 anyone know how much it would be worth or any info about the gun A buddy of mine showed me a Liver that his grandfather took off a german officer in WW2.2017-12-17 Hattiesburg American (Hattiesburg, MS) - Climate change impacts food security2017-12-17 Los Angeles Times (Los Angeles, CA) - Take more aggressive action to reduce oil production2017-12-17 Los Angeles Times (Los Angeles, CA) - Bigger strides on the consumption side2017-12-17 Atlanta Journal-Constitution (Atlanta, GA) - Global warming giving us more extreme events2017-12-17 The Plain Dealer (Cleveland, OH) - Renewable energy essential to future2017-12-15 Lewiston Sun Journal (Lewiston, ME) - Find Solutions for Climate Change2017-12-15 The Register Guard (Eugene, OR) - Letter to Editor2017-12-14 Houston Chronicle (Houston, TX) - Hard rains and wild fires2017-12-14 Asheville Citizen-Times (Asheville, NC) - 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Cloud, MN) - Offering subsidies for renewables make sense2017-12-05 San Francisco Chronicle (San Francisco, CA) - Bipartisan proposal2017-12-05 The Woodlands Villager (The Woodlands, TX) - Address Man-Made Component of Climate Change2017-12-05 Lexington Herald Leader (Lexington, KY) - Support Climate Plan2017-12-05 Charleston Gazette-Mail (Charleston, WV) - Letter: Reader differs with Hoppy's EPA review (Daily Mail)2017-12-04 Stratford Beacon Herald (Stratford, ON) - Substantive Policies2017-12-04 Sentinel-Review Woodstock (Woodstock, ON) - Substantive Policies2017-12-04 The Daily Press (Timmins, ON) - ‘My planet at the end of its rope’: reader2017-12-04 Brantford Expositor (Brantford, ON) - More Than Slogans2017-12-03 Metrowest Daily News (Framingham, MA) - Citizens can make a difference2017-12-03 Carteret County News-Times (Morehead City, NC) - Surface Temperature vs.Thanks, Jim Beam [email protected] really would appriciate any help i can get I have run across a germany style luger that has "Japan" stamped on it. I have a 30 Luger that has no markings and no serial number. I have searched the internet and found there are a few of these out gun shoots good and I've had it for 35 years and it still has 90% blue on it. I have a 1915 ww1 era luger in excellent condition. I would like to find out to whom the weapon was issued and what happened to him and where. Serial number is 3317 and what is unusual is that the top of the barrel has the Swiss cross right side is stamped "Germany". I was told it was a 1920 Swiss commercial Luger made from parts. I have a Luger P08 pistol with 1407 stamped on the underside of the barrel and also on the front of the frame under the barrel. The gun was made in Febuary 1944 and the officer was captured in August so I doubt it had more than 1 user.The person who owned the gun said her late husband has had the luger for 50 years. With the idea that I may return the gun to the family if they are interested. It is stamped Luger 9mm Germany on the side with C.

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How many category 5 hurricanes will it take before we commit to effective action against climate change?

They may also have a single letter G or K stamped on the top of the barrel. A matching Luger will have the last two digits of the serial number on all major components, the barrel the slide, the toggle, etc and more rarely on the butt of the magazine. I have come across a P.08 and a P.38 owned by a family member of mine and wish to research the sources of who may have owned these weapons during the WWII time period I am looking for any online sources that may aid in my search I am a historian and just need to get a place to start if anyone has info please assist me thanks My dad was in the resistance in Scandinavia during ww2. It's a WALTHER p38/p1 IT'S black great shape the gun fits great. Thanks Don Have a 1942 black P-08 holster in very good condition and want to sell it. It has a few scratches, but leather is no dried, and all stitching intack original. ALSO ON THE TOP IT HAS SOME ENGRAVING I CANT MAKE OUT. It seems the 115gr 9mm's are short and may be part of the problem. Please advise any ideas why the 09 on the rear toggle link. It's in good condition, still in the original case with the tool, has 1 clip all the numbers match (even on the case).

He got hold of a 9 mm parabellum from Nazi officer - and survived. It is in legal storage now, but I would like to know what it would be worth. I fired it once as an early teen - with my dad supporting me. NOT MUCH TO GO ON, BUT COULD YOU TELL ME ANYTHING ABOUT IT AN WHAT IT MIGHT BE WORTH. thanks for any info you have.please help, if you can... I am a pistol shooter and hunter so there was no problem to register this. The serial number and all of The markings read 4213 byf and it is a p08 9mm Luger.

The Parabellum Pistole 08 (P08) recoil-operated semi-automatic pistols were originally designed by Georg Luger of Loewe & Company in the United States in 1898, which attributed to their popular nick name "Luger".

The firm fought hard to secure a military contract, but the heavy price tags of these pistols made it difficult.

Speed dating events in charleston wv