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Nash is provocatively honest in this memoir, out Sept.

17, and the moments he recounts range from glory scenes in rock history to sordid flashes from the past.

The helicopter malfunctioned and brought them down on site with a hard landing that somewhat presaged their futures together.

Oh, dear, let’s give him a minute.” Nash was still contractually bound to his band, the Hollies, in the late ’60s when he met up with Stephen Stills and Crosby at Peter Tork’s house in the Hollywood Hills. plenty of music, sex, dope.” But before anything happened musically with the guys, Nash got with Joni Mitchell while playing Ottawa.Then came the shootings at Kent State University, and Young wrote the protest song, “Ohio,” in minutes.They cut it immediately and had it out in two weeks’ time. Young was seriously “p------” about Stills’ cocaine use.The wonder is not that they are all still making music — it’s that they are all still alive.Of course, David Crosby had to be reconstituted with a new liver, but this band seemed destined for a drug fatality or two.