Sex dating in norway dating after divorce or widowhood

to get to know girls and capture a feel for the fish in the sea.

I wouldn’t advise using Tinder to get serious with someone; you’ll be sorely disappointed, but it is effective in just getting to know girls and open your dating door a little wider.

So the club and bar scene is pretty self-explanatory.

It’s funny how Norway seems dividing in the different protocol when it comes to taking a pretty girl out.

I used this app when I first arrived in Norway because I was itching to date and really didn’t know a soul.

Didn’t take me long to hook up with some really cool chicks, in “group” format, a good start anyway.

Didn’t hurt that I’m Canadian and for some reason the Norwegian girls love Canadians.

og er den største nettjenesten for casual dating i Europa, med mer enn 8 millioner brukere i 35 land, og over 380 000 medlemmer i Norge.