Petra nemcova sean penn dating dating fear after divorce

So she desperately tried to grab on to a palm tree, missing one, but catching a second one.

"I could see lots of people trying to do the same thing, waving and screaming, so much panic and suffering," she said.

Nemcova clung to that treetop, trapped by the debris that gathered around her, watching in numbed horror as other holidaymakers and locals were swept away. "And that was the worst thing because I knew that they hadn't been able to hang on any longer," he said.

"They'd gone." Nemcova spent eight hours there, first clinging to the tree and then lying amid the mud and debris when the water finally receded, unable to walk, passing in and out of consciousness under the hot sun, her pelvis shattered in four places, as she would later learn.

Obviously, it is hard for one to move on after a failure in love and the same seems to be the case with Petra.

She hasn't been lately linked with any names and neither she has been rumored to be dating anyone recently. In July 2017, Petra visited the city of temples Kathmandu for a cause i.e.

They are such a bright stars as they are getting private school quality of education in governmental school.

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"I thought, well if I'm meant to go, so be it and I made my peace with what was happening.It was Christmas Day and life seemed perfect for Petra Nemcova.The Czech supermodel had already graced the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine, a pinnacle for anyone in her career, and was relaxing in Khao Lak, Thailand, with the man she had agreed to marry.The couple was out on a vacation in Thailand in 2004 when the disaster took place, luckily Petra survived the Tsunami.Besides her relationship with Laurent and two of her fiancee, Petra was in a relationship with Badr Jafar in 2008, Sean Penn in 2008, Julina Lennon in 2007, and James Blunt form 2006-7.