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The essays that Coleridge published in The Friend are later collected into a book. Hardin revealed a tendency toward violent rages at an early age.

When he was 14, he nearly killed another boy in a...

The court-martial of Benedict Arnold convenes in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

In late 1940, the Greek army, reinforced by the British air force, decisively repulsed an Italian invasion of their nation.

On this day in 1942, a Warsaw underground newspaper, the Liberty Brigade, makes public the news of the gassing of tens of thousands of Jews at Chelmno, a Nazi-operated death camp in Poland—almost seven months after extermination of prisoners began.

A year earlier, the means of effecting what would become the “Final...

It is the #1 magazine with them, equal to the Wall Street Journal.

There was an article about a NTID graduate applying for a job.