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We waited through the automated response system approximately 3 minutes.When we finally spoke to a representative, we noticed a discernible language barrier leading us to believe the customer support center was not in the local area.Jaguar is world renowned for the beauty, comfort and luxury of their cars: it is second to none.Unfortunately, Jaguar is just as notorious for the gremlins exported with their cars. Our Conversion provides you with three main benefits: The most important reason to put a Chevy V8 and transmission in your Jaguar – long life, and dependable, economical service.The customer service department at Direc TV was helpful with our request for information.

The Chevrolet V8 is easy to install and maintain, meaning fewer problems (and expenses) now and in the future.This information covers Small Block and BIG Block Jaguar conversions in the XJ Series except for the XJ40 cars (1988 or newer XJ Sedans).The XJ Series includes the classic XJ Sedans (1969 to 1987 XJ6, XJ6C, XJ6L, XJ12, XJ12C, XJ12L) and all XJS (XJS, XJS HE and XJSC) models.When we attempted to contact Direct TV, we encountered the automated service that was difficult to navigate.The system repeated prior to connecting us with a customer service representative.