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You will, however, be eligible to participate in varsity tryouts, practices, scrimmages, jamborees, etc., and non-varsity (JV, B-squad, etc.) competitions. If none of the five provisions set forth above apply and you are determined ineligible, you can request that the MSHSL review the determination of ineligibility.

There are seven circumstances with which you can request a review: When you enrolled at your new school [receiving school] and indicated an interest in participating in athletics, the school compiled information and submitted a student transfer report to the MSHSL.

You should provide a written explanation and documentation supporting your request for review.

For the most current version of Bylaw 111 and MSHSL policies, please visit

Visit with the athletic director at the Receiving School and request a Transfer Eligibility Review.

The athletic director will submit the request and supporting documentation to the League for review.

That determination is sent to the MSHSL for review to ensure compliance with MSHSL bylaws and policies.

If you are determined ineligible, you can request further review by the MSHSL.