Live chat free without cb

Simply touch the blue button, talk to your friends and make new ones like with walkie talkie and Push To Talk (PTT).

CB Radio Chat requires the Internet connection (Wi Fi, 3G, 4G, EDGE or GPRS) for audio transmission, (max 11MB per hour). CB Radio Chat is almost like group/conference call.

JBolo keeps your chats alive and stores incoming data even when you are browsing the website. Keep browsing the site and JBolo will deliver chats to whichever page you are on.

Then of course is the gang of buffoons who are using it.If you are not using any of these extensions, not to worry!We have a Gravatar integration that will pull user avatars from there.Here I am back again months later and still have not heard anything on an update, have emailed twice since my last review still heard nothing still no update.If I could give zero stars I would just for the lack of respect for the people willing to pay for the pro version of this app. The interface looks nice enough in its simplicity, but it’s frustrating to use.