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However, same-sex attraction and transgenderism were seen as signs of mental illness or defect.

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Natee Theerarojnapong, of the government's human rights commission, and Anjana Suvarnananda, a lesbian rights advocate, campaigned unsuccessfully for the inclusion of "sexual identity" in the Interim Constitution of 2006 and the Constitution of 2007. 2558 was passed on 13 March 2015 and came into force on 9 September 2015.It would give couples some of the rights of heterosexual marriage, but has been criticized for increasing the minimum age from 17 to 20 and omitting adoption rights.However, in 1989 LGBT activist Natee Teerarojjanapongs described the situation as more complicated, as although LGBT citizens do not face direct repression from the state, instead "it is a question of subtle negation through invisibility and a lack of social awareness about homosexual people", and although people acknowledge the existence of homosexuality, "they are still not used to the idea of openly gay people.Prior to this reform, LGBT people were exempted as suffering from a "mental disorder", according to a law of 1954.In 2007, the Thai government expanded the definition of a sexual assault or rape victim to include both women and men.