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IDPS supports a range of technical capabilities that are available in commercial offerings.These include design and implementation services to allow the Agency and the contractor to discuss matters such as system recommendations, a baseline assessment, rules, signature sets, configurations, and escalation procedures.The figure shows two independent network based VPNs interconnecting Agency sites with various forms of dial, broadband, and dedicated access to the contractor's network.The basic building blocks are comprised of the following: Each Networx contractor may provide variations or alternatives to the offering and pricing for OWS.In addition, the service proactively monitors the Agency network on a 24X7 basis for indications of compromise such as intrusions, anomalies, malicious activities, and network misuse.IDPS also performs anomaly detection to identify atypical traffic trends and unusual behaviors that may indicate a potential attack.The contractor provides the IDPS software and hardware components, as required.

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For more information on the general OWS specifications and requirements, please refer to backbone infrastructure for geographically dispersed Agency locations.These and other service capabilities are detailed in Each Networx contractor may provide variations or alternatives to the offering and pricing for IDPS.The specific details can be found within each Contractor's Networx contract files and pricing notes for IDPS.The Networx contracts require a basic level of security management for its contractors that ensures compliance with Federal Government generally accepted security principles and practices, or better.The contracts employ adequate and reasonable means to ensure and protect the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of Networx services, Operational Support Systems ( Agency networks, like their commercial counterparts, continue to be challenged with increasing security risks.