Intimidating looking cars

So maybe the stickers like '' Granny on board'' have to be used to inspire politeness in the drivers and increase the civility on the roads?Researchers found that the results the representatives of every age groups – younger or older – are united in this commendable tendency to respect the driver’s age and being considerate of older ones.Each source has its merits: A little common sense can go a long way when purchasing a used car. Car salesmen have been known to employ dubious techniques, such as using air fresheners to mask strange odors, applying high-pressure sales tactics and tampering with odometers.Avoid making an impulse buy just because you finally found a car that looks nice from an outward appearance.

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Aside from dealerships, you can find great deals on used cars at local public auctions and on used car websites.It is interesting that male drivers are believed twice as likely as females to act this way to frustrate the speedy ambitions of the other driver!When it comes to tailgating, the report says it's younger drivers who are more likely to drive too close to the smaller cars' rear bumper in a bid to intimidate them to get out of the way. In addition to that, it seems that the younger drivers just can't drive by a sports car without trying to race it.Knowing what to look for can turn buying a used car from intimidating to exciting.Take the guesswork out of car shopping by following these used car buying tips and reviewing our vehicle inspection checklist.