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We fully believe Amy was raped, but the law didn't help her." Sen.

Jeff Jackson, D-Mecklenburg, who sponsored legislation to change state law, but Senate Bill 553, which was filed a week after Jonathan Guy's guilty plea, never got a hearing in the Senate and is likely dead for the rest of the two-year legislative session.

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Barker Headmaster Phillip Heath told Daily Mail Australia he was 'shocked, disturbed and deeply saddened' by the allegations.'We have suspended his casual contract pending the outcome of the investigation,' Mr Heath said.'We hastily add that he is entitled to due process.

These are allegations but they are charges.'I have a duty of care to students and to manage risk.

A volleyball coach accused of grooming a 15-year-old boy for sex made a final bizarre religious Facebook post before his arrest, saying he had watched people cast out evil and free of sin.

Brad Wall, 24, a sports coach at the exclusive Barker College, met the teenager at an interstate volleyball event and began engaging with him on social media, police say.