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In the VB6 there is already a function written to parse all the requested data. So we are planning to use its equivalent Context Menu Strip. Great answer, but in my case (a web app with NTLM authentication) the "My Domain Name" was redundant in the Find By Identity method. // bind to your domain Principal Context pc = new Principal Context(Context Type.How do I connect to the MS Access database on a network IP number "" The Database sharing folder in drive D\ is "DATA" And the database file is "Data.mdb" The password for Database File is "...I am having to make an old VB6 application run on Windows 10. Either leave the configuration alone, and just let Outlook users see the Default Global Address List; or else, take the time to study, plan, and test before you implement custom Address Lists.Default Address Lists (See Screenshot right) Once you realize that there are a handful of built-in Address Lists, you soon realize that you could create your own Custom Address Lists.Lansweeper client requirements: Windows 2000 or higher.Windows home clients are only supported with Lspush scanning.

I'm calling a web service in VB6 which returns a json string as response shown below. In vb6 We used Popup Menu but in we couldn’t find Popup Menu.

However, be careful, don't create too many lists, and furthermore, give thought to meaningful names for your lists.

The situation, you want to modify the GAL, however, you discover that you cannot edit (or delete) the Default Global Address List.

Just felt like sharing that :) Directory Searcher searcher = new Directory Searcher(); searcher. Count == 0) else If you can narrow down where the user is you can set searcher.

Filter = "(&(object Category=user)(cn=steve.evans))"; Search Result Collection results = searcher. Search Root to a specific OU that you know the user is under.