Developing and validating a nursing website evaluation questionnaire

Consequently, we have formulated a model for the analysis of ethical conflict (Figure ) that is based on the following premises: a) in order to study ethical conflict it is necessary to consider four variables: frequency of conflict, degree of conflict, exposure to conflict and type of conflict; b) the variable ‘exposure to conflict’ is the product of the variables ‘frequency’ and ‘degree of conflict’; c) the variable ‘type of conflict’ should take into account the continuum between the presence and absence of ethical conflict.The presence of ethical conflict would correspond to the four categories or types of conflict described by Jameton [].

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Research suggests that such conflicts are on the rise in the nursing field, due both to the increasing complexity of care and the scientific and technological advances which have been made in recent decades.In our view, however, these variables are insufficient for explaining the root of ethical conflicts.Consequently, the present study formulates a conceptual model that also includes the variable ‘exposure to conflict’, as well as considering six ‘types of ethical conflict’.An instrument was then designed to measure the ethical conflicts experienced by nurses who work with critical care patients.The paper describes the development process and validation of this instrument, the Ethical Conflict in Nursing Questionnaire Critical Care Version (ECNQ-CCV).