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With more than 20 years of experience in orthopedics, Dr.

David Cook brings a high level of experience and expertise to his practice at Tanner Clinic. Cook continued his education at the prestigious Vanderbilt School of Medicine in Nashville, where he ranked First in Class.

She’s still exercising every day though, running and biking,” he says. David Cook, a specialist in non-operative orthopedics at Tanner Clinic, recently took his own advice — he changed his lifestyle and lost a bunch of weight. Cook’s specialty, though he goes about it in a new fashion: He specializes in treating orthopedic ailments without resorting to surgery. Cook’s own lifestyle changes began in 2011 with a visit to his doctor.

That’s the one preventive measure he’d recommend to his patients: Exercise regularly and watch the scale. His symptoms included dangerously high triglycerides, as well as high levels of blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar.

Cook serves as Tanner Clinic’s Medical Director of Quality and Efficiency, a new assignment focusing on aligning the clinic with upcoming requirements of health-care reform.

And if patients can recover without being wheeled into an operating room, they avoid the risks of surgery and shorten their recovery time.All women over 65, men over 70, and any adult who has sustained a fracture of the wrist, shoulder, hip or spine, or other fracture with minimal trauma should have a bone density test done.If it is abnormal, laboratory tests should be done to determine whether there is any treatable cause for the weak bones, and treatment should be given to strengthen the bones.I took one show off for the funeral and just kind of kept going.It all kind of came to a head while making the second record.