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is not affiliated with any other organizations, movements or causes, either religious or secular. Additionally we try to avoid drawing undue attention to S.

Conference-approved July 25, 2012 Our group does not speak for all of S.

They establish measures so that the host can provide the maximum amount of information and answer the most questions during the time allotted.

A non hosted free chat session will be held immediately after the close of any subject session for those who may want to visit with their neighbors.

This protocol is similar to others used in online classrooms.

Essentially, during subject oriented chat, the host has the floor at all times and no one is allowed to speak unless called on.

It also has a video which shows the steps for manually The following special protocols may be called upon by the Host during Topic or Focused chat sessions.

There are no greetings to late arrivals nor are private messages to the entire group allowed.

There is a system (protocol) for indicating your desire to talk.

After being recognized, you may ask your question or comment to all participants and after that is answered, you may ask one more question or make one more comment regarding the original question.

If you have an unrelated question or comment, you must wait until it is your turn again.