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Ditch The Retirement Bucket List And Honey Do List For This: A curious list is better than the bucket list."Don’t be cliché or old fashioned, ditch the retirement bucket list and honey do list for a new and more profound curious list.He missed just one really important point, however — being able to afford to drink way too much wine with your friends! is produced by editors and journalists dedicated to delivering accurate, trusted, up-to-date health and medical information, for consumers, including retirees.

I like Hogue's comment about himself: "After taking control of my finances and learning how to make money in a job I love, I found a level of financial freedom that just has to be shared." by Joe Udo explores why it is possible to leave your day job much earlier than 65.This can be accomplished by aggressively saving and investing as soon as you start working.Many financial advisers will tell you to save 10 percent of your income for retirement. Government Department of Veterans Affairs: Information on veterans' benefits and other resources for the 25 million American veterans alive today. : Trent Hamm on The Simple Dollar website offers advice on why people should take advantage of the 401(k) plans offered in their workplace.This is an OK model for some, but not for people who don't love their jobs. "It is an incredibly useful tool," says Trent, "for saving money for retirement." In short, A 401(k) plan offers a very simple opportunity for Americans to save for their retirement.