Arabic sex numbers

Roman numerals were used primarily for counting, as the ancients had little use for, or understanding of "calculation" or arithmetic as we know it today. But; for the basic arithmetic in use in ancient times, this apparently was not that big a problem, and of course, they did not realize they had the "zero" problem in the first place. Early electronic computers used a "base-8" or "octal" (0 thru 7) number system and today's computers use "base-16" or "hexadecimal" notation (0 thru 15 or 0 thru F ) with "A thru F" representing the numbers "10 thru 15" respectively.

With some effort, you can do regular addition and subtraction and even multiplication with Roman Numerals; as both the Roman Numeral and later Arabic Number systems are both "base-10" (1 thru 9). That is, 6 4 = A(10) 7 5 = C(12) 7 8 = F(15) 8 8 = 10(16, 1 x 16 0) A(10) A(10) = 14(20, 1 x 16 4) in "Hexidecimal"; thus: decimal 32 = hex 20(2 x 16 0) and decimal 64 = hex 40(4 x 16 0) .

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The rules for counting and arithmetic are the same.

You just have to remember when to "carry-over" to the next value level, 8 or 10 or 16.

Placing an "I" in front of the "V"; or placing any smaller value in front of any larger value, indicates subtraction. "IIII" is used mostly on faces of clocks and for other special uses. The subtractive principle for Roman numbers does have some restrictions You can only subtract a power of ten, and only from the next two higher "digits", where the digits are either I, V, X, L, C, D, M. Using these limits of subtraction, the Roman numerals IL for instance, for 49 and IC for 99 are not valid.

Thus, this could also be written as: 116.45 296.45 - 106.17 = 307.30 = 7 Aquarius 30 The trick with this is to remember when moving between signs, degrees, and seconds, to carry and subtract in the appropriate base for that portion of the "number." So, if you add the first two "numbers," the seconds add up to 90; you must subtract 60, leaving 30, and carry the number 1 over to the degree column.

The degrees remain in a base of 30 (30 degrees per sign), and the seconds of arc are of course 60 per degree.

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