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When your HIV test result is ready, the clinic will not be able to contact you and so it is your responsibility to call or return to the clinic to get your result.

If your anonymous HIV test is negative, no further follow up may be needed.

(2) You should also not be her “therapist.” It’s ok to listen to what happened between her and the guy, to sympathize with her break-up and try to console her, but you shouldn’t provide her with daily sessions of listening to all the sob stories, as this will definitely turn your interaction with into a one-way trip to the friends land. Because as I point out in my article on avoiding friends zone with girls, this is what friends do – they listen to each others’ problems and spill their guts to each other.

The best thing you can do is saying nothing to the effect of being happy about her breaking up with the guy or you being interesting in her for a long time, but instead – .

It is expected that additional clinics will start offering anonymous HIV testing in the future.

Please check back often for updates on where you can get anonymous HIV testing.

When you decide to get treatment for HIV, you will need to retest using your real name.

This will only make the girl feel “cornered” and uncomfortable, especially if she hasn’t gotten over her relationship yet.

It will confuse her and will not add anything to her being attracted to you and interesting in dating you.

It’s frustrating and you think “why even bother and try to get together with her?

” but deep inside you hope that one day you will have the opportunity to get to know her and get closer to her on all levels.