Android gmail not updating server

Now everything works 100 % in my emails time stamp. It has an area where you can select a Time Zone or have it set automatically, but my Time Zone is set to the proper Time Zone.It was the stupid INTERNERT TIME option that wasn't updated when your time settings changed. I click Start Menu – select the Control Panel – select Date and Time – select Time Zone (GMT ,- your city) – click Apply and OK – then select the Internet time (same page as Time Zone button) – click Update Now – click OK. I went in and reset the Time Zone to the proper time but as it was already set to the right time, I do not know what else I can do.I have tried all of the above but it *STILL* shows up the wrong time on every email sent and received. I can't change my country, I change it, click 'save' and it just says 'settings not saved' with no error message.. I just tried everything above: changing the time on my computer, on my BIOS, google account, google calendar, deleting cookies and nothing worked.Then, I tried to login from another browser (I was using chromium) and time stamps were just fine!

@James: After u've done with setting ur proper time zone on ur gmail a/c,u are also supposed to set same timezone in your computer…After you have done the both works then u can get MS Time what it gives from internet based on your time zone set up in your computer… Same problems as everyone else and nothing worked until……:/ I'm so upset :/ *SOLVED* I managed to fix this by doing all of the recommended.What I think finally did it was actually changing the Time Zone on the ' Date and Time' of Windows.If you ever need to get to your Google account settings from Gmail, click on the I also have the same problem but changing the Google timezone or my computer's didn't help. – in Firefox, click on Tools \ Options select Privacy tab then click on Show Cookies and search for Google. ime stamps on all other computers are fine, but when I check on my laptop, they are 1 hr behind. So it may be something to do with my computer, and not the gmail settings. my browser shows the right time and time zone when i enter the java code, but the problem is not fixed yet. I verified the correct time zone in google account settings, documents, and calendar but still it is off. I am in the Central timezone and all messages are off by one hour. Hey, I can send myself messages I've not yet written?! It reads (for central time zone) GMT -6 instead of what should be GMT -5 with the time change.The funny thing is that the timestamp is correct in the inbox, but upon opening the mail I get another – wrong – timezone? As stated before, this may or may not fix the problem. my laptop time is correct, i have the correct time zone selected ( in laptop as well as gmail ) since its only when I check gmail on laptop, i think something has to be fixed on my computer. After putting up with this for a week I decided to try and fix it. Sure Google makes great things, but a time machine is not among them!! Looks like we are going to be messed up until April 4th (assuming that is when GMAIL will update their offsets.