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Tonight he'd brought one of his artists with him, Yung Stunt. The music you hear in Magic City isn't the music you might expect at a strip club.Seated next to us at the table, Yung Stunt looked like he could have been 16 years old. Magic City Mondays are the most important nights in the most important club in the most important city in the hip-hop industry.

You're as likely to find Kanye in Atlanta as anywhere else; Kevin Hart celebrated his engagement at Magic City; Rick Ross just bought the old Evander Holyfield twelve-bedroom mansion down in Fayetteville. And when he started dominating Magic City, suddenly he was played on the radio; suddenly he signed a major record deal. "You can see actresses, musicians, a weed man, a killer, probably a police officer. Well, BMF is the greatest subject of street lore in the history of Atlanta.The kid had seemed comatose to me a minute ago, but he'd been awakened. He was wearing sunglasses, but from the side you could see his eyes, and an actual single tear came down his cheek. Commuters released onto freeways at the pace of an IV drip by timed green lights at on-ramps.The sponge of the city absorbing country motherfuckers, absorbing people fleeing Chicago and Gary, Indiana, absorbing anyone with a hustle as Atlanta expands.On the bigger nights at Magic City, you can find Magic patrolling the room in a taupe suit, parting the clouds of hookah smoke with a wineglass in his fist. He played football on scholarship at Duke and at age 60 still has the bearing of a man who knows he's physically more powerful than other people.He is called Big Mag, pronounced "big maj" (Lil Magic is his son), and he is an elder statesman of the street.