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In addition to including excellent beaches and great weather, you probably have the most recognizable Skyline in Spain, and one of the densest in Europe.Linux users have access to both NPAPI and PPAPI versions of Flash Player.Instead of converting their videos to HTML5 on the web, some sites have chosen to offer apps instead.For example, if you want to watch the streaming video for our i Phone & i Pad Live podcast on your Mac or Windows PC, you're watching it in Flash at If a Flash video or game won't play in Safari, go to the App Store and search for the name of the website or the name of the game. Instead of trying to render Flash video on the i Pad, there are a few alternative web browsers on the App Store that render Flash on their own servers, then convert it to HTML5/H.264 video and stream it live to your i Pad. This is the nuclear option, but it's still an option.

In the past, we communicated that NPAPI Linux releases would stop in 2017.

Currently we are distributing 32 and 64 bit binaries only, we will package these in proper installers after additional testing and feedback.

Users should manually back-up their existing Flash Player plugin file from the appropriate system plug-in folder and copy the new binaries into place to use them.

However, for the last four years, the NPAPI version has been held at 11.2 and regularly updated with only security fixes while the PPAPI version (used in Chrome and Chromium based browsers), is in line with the standard Windows and Mac releases.

Today we are updating the beta channel with Linux NPAPI Flash Player by moving it forward and in sync with the modern release branch (currently version 23).